Monday, December 3, 2007

Typeface design

What is Typeface Design


Welcome to my blog. My name is Sunny Manchanda and for my class I am writing to you about Typeface Design. Typeface is all around us. All the fonts we use in Microsoft word or other programs all have something different and unique about that font.

Here a small video just about typeface,

More Facts about Typeface..:

Typeface is uses as:

Typeface is usually referred as a font:

There are many different types of fonts , (here are a list of a few):

Typeface can deliver a message the way you want it to:

When you want to deliver a message by yelling, you can use Caps Lock:
For example: “I DON’T WANT TO GO” is showing anger and frustration.

2 Main Types of Typography

Can be placed in two main categories, Serif and San Serif

Difference between Serif and San Serif

San-serif has no tail, looks clean and looks good in bigger fonts. Most commonly used for Titles. Serif is best used in long paragraphs because it has tails which helps the reader imagine lines that the text follow.

Three consideration when choosing a font

1) Typeface: because like we looked at in class different typefaces mean different things.
EX. A fancy restaurant would not use the same font as McDonalds. A fancy restaurant would use a more elegant type font.

2) Size: in the book it states that the relevance important of an object is determined by its size.
Ex. UCFV letterhead we looked at in class the schools name was large because it was the most important word on the document compared to the address which is less important and is way smaller.

3) Type weight of fonts: Choosing fonts that offer many different type weights can help to keep a document consistent while at the same time allowing the writer to use the different weights of the font in different areas of the document to make it more effective.
Ex. The helvetica family offers not only the regular bold feature but as well it can be made superbold this is effective in making short high impact headlines a document can be printed in regular helvetica or helvetica black. The helvetica black option makes the words stand out in comparison to the rest of the words in the document.

Some typography Definitions:

Font- a specific size and style of type within a type family
Serif - a smaller line used to finish off a main stroke of a letter.
Leading the amount of vertical space allotted for a line of type it is measured in points just like type size is.
Kerning the setting of two letters closer together than is usual by removing space between them.